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Posted on Apr 7, 2015

inspirationalWhat a lovely month we have had. Brighter, longer days and gardens that have suddenly sprung to life. I have spent the past month giving my garden a makeover ready for the Easter heatwave we were promised and even though it looks like we wont be getting that I?m glad the thought of warmer days put a spring in my step and pushed me to get things done around the house and garden.

Spring always feels a bit like new year to me, a time for change and to set some new goals or get stuck in to the old ones. Sarah over at Catching the Magic has written a lovely post all about the changes in her home over the past few months. All three of her Daughters all at school at the same time and she has completed her second half marathon since turning forty! I felt inspired reading her post especially as I?m over forty myself and trying my hardest to get fit.

Talking of getting fit did you know that Sandy from Baby Baby has lost a whooping 100lb in weight? What an achievement! There really is no excuse to not lose those extra pounds to be healthy and success stories like this give such a positive message to those of us trying to get down to a healthy weight.

A lot of us are looking for change and self improvement at the moment. I keep stumbling across bloggers who are feeling motivated to focus on fulfilling certain goals this spring. The very lovely Ella from Purple Ella has shared her life philosophies and I found myself nodding away as I read them as a few years ago I made a list very similar to this and it completely changed my life.

I have made a lot of changes in my life over the past few years and I still have a few things that I battle with like my weight and something I have always struggled with is being assertive. The thing is I love to help people if I can but it often leads to me being walked all over. I have gotten better at saying ?No? but it is a constant battle. Holly from ?Full of Beans And Sausages? has written a great post about her journey to assertiveness. It struck so many chords with me and she offers some fantastic pointers towards becoming a more assertive person.

As this months round-up is all about change and pushing ourselves to achieve our goals I couldn?t not include BritMums very own Mari from Mari?s World. Now I?ve been following Mari?s blog right from the beginning and she has always been a favorite blogger of mine and I?m forever telling her she should have her own cookery show on TV, but who would have known that her family and lifestyle blog would have lead her to interviewing Antonio Banderas! What an amazing opportunity and it shows us exactly where this funny little hobby we have can lead us. Well Done Mari!

I?ll be back with Positively Inspirational in June, next month Michelle will be back to share lots of inspirational blog posts. Enjoy the warmer months ahead and I?ll see you again soon.

Lots of Love
Mama Syder x

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