Post-40 Bloggers Round-up: If you read only one post?

Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Post40 bloggers round-upHave you noticed the most ordinary of lives once put on the big screen or written up as a novel transcends the ordinary? So it is with our lives.

I?m certain if you started a diary today and read it a year later you?d be fascinated by the person contained in its pages. Sadly, I destroyed all my childhood journals in a fit of childish worry that my parents would get their hands on them. Because what?s paying the bills and raising seven children compared to reading about a 13-year old?s crush on the English teacher? Now that I am an adult, I realise they would have regarded the whole thing with amusement and a rite of passage. Yes, even the pages where I wish them slow and painful deaths for daring to parent me!

It was this muse which later led to Post-40 Bloggers publishing writing prompt No. 5 ? ?Write the first 300 words of your autobiography.? Recently re-tweeted, we got the most magnificent response from Sid Weightman ? aka @WeirdSid ? and is the post I am recommending wholeheartedly you do not miss this month.

I was sucked in within the first line of this wonderful piece of writing:

?I was born in a room that was used by the local undertaker??

From this fascinating start, Sid starts to weave the tale of her family, including a grandmother who ?married down,? and other history which makes you want to keep turning the page. As other bloggers have tweeted to Sid, we hope she continues this autobiography way past this captivating start.

Read it now under our title ?Stellar first 300 words of an autobiography.?

And whilst writing, I must give an honourable mention to Tim, aka @psychotimmy. When we invited tweeters to share the first line that would perhaps begin their own autobiography, he responded with this Alan Bates-like offering:

Superb. If you do have a go at writing the first line of your autobiography tweet us using hashtag #StartofAutobiography. (Tweet us also if you write to this prompt and manage to overcome the hurdle of writing the first 300 words!)

In the meantime, our blogger of the month, Sid, can be found at:

Blog: Weird Sid ?
Twitter ?

In the meantime, see you next month with another pick from talented bloggers and writers aged 40+. And do remember to join Post-40 Bloggers if you would like a chance to have your blog or work regularly read for features on the Post-40 Bloggers? content-rich website. It might even be your post filling this coveted BritMums spot next month!

My best for a great writing month.

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