Putting a Spring in your step ? Lathbridge by Patrick Cox

Posted on Oct 17, 2015

imageAhhhhh the 1990?s what a decade they started with Acid House and Rave and we partied right the way through the decade and into the new millennia, well I did anyway. This epoch in history will hold many things British in such high esteem when we look back with great fondness and nostalgia. We had the Cool Britania period with House music and Britpop ruling the airwaves, great groundbreaking TV like The Word, The Big Breakfast, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Gladiators, and Friends and of course Fashion. The 90?s were not only responsible for Grunge, rave, the rebirth of Gucci under, some guy called Tom Ford and the Supermodel but we saw such prominent names emerge including The Beckhams, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and of course the shoe Meister himself Patrick Cox.

imagePatrick?s shoes gained a strong celebrity following; stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and David Beckham have all stepped out in Patrick?s shoes. He became a recognisable personality who drew attention to Footwear design. Through the years Cox?s humour and flamboyance has ensured notoriety on both fashion and social scenes; thus making him the ?sole? ambassador of the brand. Cox launched his own Patrick Cox label in 1986 and the Wannabe label in 1994. Wannabe was a huge commercial success selling a million pairs within 2 years of launch.

Inbetween these heady days and currently, Mr Cox has enjoyed positions at brands as diverse as Charles Jourdan and Geox, plus made a move from fashion to food with the opening of Soho cake emporium: Cox Cookies & Cake.

image2015 sees the long-awaited return of this celebrated designer to the world of Footwear with his new brand Lathbridge. The label?s moniker -?Lathbridge? is Patrick?s middle name given to him in honor of a great family friend. Another family connection comes in the shape of Patrick?s beloved pet bulldogs ? Cesar and Brutus who are the muses for the brand?s logo. The Lathbridge collection which is inspired by traditional British heritage with a 70?s feel and swagger offers high quality, traditional, luxury designs with unique detailing and personality.

Still very much at the heart of this brand is the Patrick Cox design Philosophy, leveraging his passion for not only creating expertly crafted shoes, bags and accessories, but also for  placing innovation at the centre of the collection.

This initial collection balances both structure and downtime designs from luxe classic loafers to retro whitewall trainers. Cox has created a well rounded range that responds to the needs of a contemporary, cosmopolitan client.


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