Ranking: The Biggest Protagonists From 2016’s Summer Blockbusters

Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Disney & Warner Bros.

A Hollywood blockbuster can be filled with all the action you can shake a fist at, but without a charming or likable protagonist, there’s a good chance it won’t capture the mass box office appeal every studio is desperately craving.

For every Indiana Jones, there’s a…Green Lantern, and there’s evidently so much that goes into crafting a memorable or even iconic lead character: a charming actor, a sharp script, firm direction, talented supporting cast to bounce dialogue off, and more than a sprinkle of luck.

It can all add up to either an incredible, unforgettable character, a protagonist who incites pure cringe…or perhaps worst of all, someone you quickly forget even exists. This summer had it all, certainly not in equal measure, and now it’s time to consider who rules the roost and who is destined for the abyss.

Here are the biggest protagonists from 2016’s summer blockbusters ranked from worst to best…

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