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Posted on May 16, 2015

Sebastien Buemi, Toro Rosso, Hungaroring, 2009In the round-up: Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff says the Strategy Group?s decision to reintroduce refuelling in 2017 won?t happen ?if it?s too expensive?


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Refuelling to return from 2017 (BBC)

“We have agreed to explore this avenue and the cost involved because it could be spectacular. If it’s too expensive, we won’t do it.”

F1?s customer cars decision could kill off minnows (The Guardian)

“The sport has decided to turn its back on the small constructors and the big beasts, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari, have been given the go-ahead to become stronger still by supplying other F1 competitors with cars and engines.”

Force India angered by push for customer cars (Motorsport)

“There was no interest at all from the manufacturer teams in discussing anything to do with cost controls or more equitable income distribution.”

Ferrari the winners in endless F1 power game as financial talks lead to nothing (Daily Mail)

“Ferrari?s massive payments, it could be argued, have made it easier for Ecclestone to count on their support at crucial moments in the sport?s endless political machinations.”

Romain Grosjean Q&A: Lotus driver back on the up in 2015 (Sky)

“It clearly doesn?t help your weekend. There are tests you would like to do in P1 and change for P2 to see how the car reacts and then take the best decision for P3, qualifying and the race.”

Manor to stick with Merhi for Monaco (Autosport)

“We have all agreed that Roberto will do the F1 race with Manor.”

Talks to revamp F1 rules end in farce (The Telegraph)

“Matthew Carter, the Lotus chief executive, revealed that two years ago the team proposed allowing the drivers to push a ?tweet? button on their steering wheel during the race.”

Soft and super-soft tyres, Yas Marina, 2014

Pirelli wants to analyse free tyre choice (F1i)

“We would like to look in to what the problem is that’s got to be solved, but as ever Pirelli will work with all the teams to find a satisfactory and safe solution”

Video – Ferrari’s ride-height adjustment system (F1)

“Ferrari’s 2015 machine, the SF15-T, boasts plenty of innovative features, among them this new system for altering the car’s ride height.”

F1 to be six seconds faster, but 1000bhp dead (MotorSport magazine)

“What is needed… is a thoroughly researched look into whether ground effect aerodynamics would lead to the ability to follow other cars closer through corners (as is widely believed) and whether this would increase the feasibility of overtaking.”

Another Fine Mess (The Buxton Blog)

“The potential cost hike for the teams could be catastrophic. Manor/Marussia is already on its uppers. Lotus, Force India and Sauber are doing OK for now, but financial bombs like this will send shockwaves throughout their boardrooms. How will this affect the new Haas F1 team, who never signed up for this Formula?”

The difference between customer cars in F1 and co-constructor cars (James Allen on F1)

“We like the idea of co-constructors, it builds on work that has been going on in F1 in recent years since Force India began the model of buying the engine, gearbox and back end of the car from McLaren and Mercedes, but also it mirrors developments going on in the wider business world, where companies that compete against each other in other industries, also look to share back-room functions as a cost saving move, in areas which aren?t fundamental to how companies differentiate each other.”


Comment of the day

Does bringing back refuelling make sense in an era of ?designed to degrade? tyres?

It seems a bit odd to bring back refuelling while sticking with the current tyres though ? I thought the main appeal of having refuelling was so that the drivers could drive flat-out, but if we are supposedly keeping the high degradation tyres? surely the drivers will still have to drive to the limit of the tyres, so they still won?t really be flat-out?

At least the race times won?t be so slow compared to qualifying times with refuelling. I really hope that they don?t require cars to qualify on race fuel though, I hated the confusion of fuel-adjusted qualifying. Let them qualify on light fuel loads, then start the race with whatever fuel load they want.

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