Renault drive-ability still worse than last year | 2015 Chinese Grand Prix

Posted on Apr 8, 2015

Toro Rosso, Melbourne, 2015Renault has said the drive-ability of their 2015 F1 power unit is still inferior to what their teams had at the end of last year, but expect further gains this weekend.

?In Malaysia we got close to what we would consider the normal level of drive-ability we had at the end of 2014,? said director of operations Remi Taffin.

The engine manufacturer will have ?some small steps forward? for their power unit for this weekend?s race, he added.

?We have continued the intensive test program started after Australia and we will see further results in Shanghai,? he said.

Renault took a conservative approach at the last race to get their cars to the chequered flag, said Taffin, but they will be more bold with their approach at the Shanghai circuit, which featured the longest straight on the F1 calendar.

?Performance was an improvement in Malaysia,? he said, ?although we did keep some in reserve to safeguard reliability?.

?Now we are getting more confident in this area we can afford to be more aggressive and we should see better results on the straights, with a higher top speed?.

Taffin said he expects Red Bull to ?be on top of the issues experienced in Malaysia? which left both their cars behind the two Toro Rossos at the chequered flag. ?With the improvements to drive-ability and overall performance, we hope we can fight the Williams? cars and grab some more points in China?.

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