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Posted on Mar 15, 2017

The notion of wearing glasses because you need to is increasingly becoming antiquated. Many people nowadays wear clear lens frames for reasons as diverse as they want to be taken more seriously in the workplace to more vein reasons like, it finishes off a look they are trying to achieve and Specs can really reflect different personalities and be a statement of individuality. I mean to be completely honest, it?s never been easier.

A new brand who aim to offer a whole new experience in buying affordable, high-quality glasses online is ?eyedoo? ( They offer consumers a unique, simple and convenient way to buy prescription glasses and sunglasses online and if that wasn?t good enough reason they will donate 5% of every purchase to Vision Care for Homeless People. A charity set up to provide eyecare services to homeless and other vulnerable people in an accessible and friendly environment in which they feel safe, welcome and comfortable.

eyedoo offers a wide range of designer styled frames, an experienced prescription lens service and fast ordering, which even includes a unique next day delivery option. The high-quality frames have a simple pricing structure with all styles costing just £49 per pair, including single vision lenses.

Ordering online couldn?t be simpler, with an easy-to-browse collection of designer styled frames, including a range of prescription polarised sunglasses at just £75 complete, plus an innovative 3D try on function and style assistant.

eyedoo will also send up to four different frames to any address in the UK, so those who are undecided can try them on in the comfort of their own home before making their final decision.What could be easier when buying glasses online? Enjoy the convenient ordering process, with no add on costs or extras, while helping homeless people with their vital vision correction needs.

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