SEND Round-up: Holidays

Posted on Sep 4, 2016

special needs blog posts sliderThis month has been all about moving house for us, so very little time for a holiday or blogging myself but I?ve still loved reading other blogs when I could. I?m guessing we?ve all experienced difficult times over the holiday period, as the lack of routine and structure can be a huge challenge for many, but sometimes the freedom of holidays and escaping from the system for a short while can be a relief. Downright Joy wrote Holidays & Fountains ? an uplifting post about how successful holidays can be, with a bit of thought. 

Raising the Rainbows continued on with her A-Z of autism series and there were lots of good suggestions for the letter ?M? in ?M is for??. Diary of an Imperfect Mum points out that while lots of people now know about Autism, understanding of what that can mean is still to be improved in ?Are We Hiding Behind Autism??

Hayley discusses the label of carer in her post ?The cards you have been dealt? for the Firefly community, whilst Renata over on the Carers Club writes as eloquently as ever about the true meaning of ?Undiagnosed?, and The Long Chain lets us into her thoughts with a truly touching post about how precious life is in ?Living with life-limited?. Was This In The plan looks at how difficult the summer holidays have been in her post ?Seasons in the Sun? and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when we send heartfelt wishes and hopes that time does heal in some small way.

Perfect timing for Back to School ? A Blog about Raising my Autistic Son offers some great tips on what sort of flexible allowances school can make if they put their minds to it, in her post ?In recognition of a good school?, while Down In Front, Please looks at Inclusion and why we should have it in ?More than a catch phrase; why real inclusion matters?. Marks & Spencer have recently launched new autism-friendly school wear (actually sensory-friendly!) and Brody, Me and GDD mentions their other range for disabled children in a recent post. The main thrust of her post though is the Special Needs price tag, a topic I?ve written about before now too. This post should definitely be shared ? I don?t think many people are aware of what costs are involved with certain equipment.

I?m thinking that the return to school might mean a flood of posts as some of us have more time back on our hands, so please do link up your recent posts below for inclusions in the next round-up:

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About Steph Curtis

Steph Curtis is mum to two girls and blogs at Steph?s Two Girls. She started blogging over six years ago after her youngest daughter Sasha was given a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (also called ASD or Autism). A buyer of toys and stationery in her pre-children life, Steph has now become a Trainer to help all parents of children with disabilities find support and information. Although ASD was the original diagnosis for Sasha, it is believed that she actually has a specific type of autism known as Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Steph is keen to raise awareness of this condition and runs courses for parents to help with strategies for everyday life. Steph is on Twitter as @stephc007 and is a huge Facebook and Instagram fan.

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