Simple Pajama Party Teddy Invites (or is it Pyjama ?!)

Posted on Feb 21, 2015

Oh the dilemmas of blogging.. here I was, going to do a quick and easy post on ?Pyjama party? invites, when I am suddenly faced with the conundrum of international spellings. I believe it is Pajama in the Us and Pyjama in the UK.. maybe I should simply stick with PJs?! Argh. Anyway, I digress. Pip Squeak turned five earlier this month, to of course MUCH excitement. You have seen her Elsa Birthday Cake already (rather chuffed with it, if I say so myself) and I never got around to writing about her Pyjama Patry (Pajama Party?!) that she had to go with it (not that Elsa has anything to do with Payjama?s of course). As a five year old, this of course did NOT mean, that we had a massive sleep over, no no, they are still too little, but we had a total of 11 kids running around in their favourite PJs and playing (some) bedtime related (ish) party games ? like sleeping lions and having a bedtime story read to them by torch light.

But I just wanted to quickly share our DIY Pyjama Party invites, as the kids helped me make them and I thought they looked ever so sweet!

Teddy Bear Cards for our Pyjama Party InvitesSo to go with the Pyjama theme? I got the kids to decorate some ?plain? Teddy Cards that I cut out for them with their own DIY Pyjama Patterns and designs.

Pajama Party Invites

First I created a simple template and cut out 8 plain teddies

Pyjama Party Invite Craft

I also cut out some Pyjamas that they could stick, but they enjoyed the colouring!

Teddy Bear Cards - Party Invite

Pip Squeak adding details to her Teddy Card (love those eye lashes!)

Teddy Bear Cards - invites for our Pajama PartyHere they are all together?! Aren?t the Teddy Cards simply adorable?

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