Skylanders Birthday Party Cake

Posted on Mar 1, 2015

So? this year?s ?thing? among the boys in Red Ted?s class is SKYLANDERS. I confess, that we do not own a wii or any sort of games portal, but that my son has a lot of the Skylanders figures. I think they are cool and he loves to play with them. He takes his Skylanders to his friends? houses and plays there. For now it seems to work. And it doesn?t stop him from loving Skylanders! So when his birthday came around, we knew he wanted a Skylander?s themed party. This year, we kept it simple ? we had a sleepover (6 kids in total), so only had a handful of party games, some homemade pizza and a movie. BUT.. of course that also meant a Skylander?s Cake Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaa?. (we got the idea and inspiration from THIS CAKE ? thank you thank you thank you!).

Skylanders Cake for the perfect Skylanders Party

What do you think? I don?t have a full ?step by step? how to or guide, but do have some pictures to share with you, should you need inspiration!!

Skylanders Cake Ingredients:

  • 2x our favourite cake mix (we used a marble cake mixture)
  • Fondant Icing
  • Green Food colouring
  • Chocolate nougat ice cream waffles (circular)
  • Jam
  • A bit of chocolate for sticking on the waffles
  • Medium sized cake tin + 2 small ?children?s cake tins? ? if you don?t have any of these, make a big cake and cut out two circles
  • A Tray for Displaying the cake

For Skylanders Cake Decor:

  • Skylanders figures (from ebay)
  • Plastic cold coins (though chocolate coins would have been great)
  • White fondant for the crazy sheep + some black card for the faces

Skylanders Cake ? How To:

Skylander Cake - the parts

1) Bake your favourite cake recipe as per instructions. Let cool fully.

fondant icing for skylanders cake

2) Colour your fondant icing and roll out.

Skylanders Cake - Applying the Icing

3) Cover your cakes in jam.

Skylanders Cake - making grass fondant icing

4) Carefully lift your icing OVER the your cake and tuck into place. Take your time over this, you want a nice neat finish. Trim away any fondant icing excess around the bottom of the cake.

Skylanders Party

5) Melt some chocolate in a bowl over hot water (you can do it in the microwave too, but I always end up burning the chocolate!!). Carefully cut your waffles to size ? we cut most in half, but also had some in thirds. And stick these on using the melted chocolate and a knife to spread.

Easy Fondant Sheep How To

6) Make your fondant sheep ? I have a little video for you on these:

Skylanders Cake - Details

7) Arrange your sheep/ coins and Skylander figures around you cake! And done!!!

Skylanders Cake - wonderful Skylanders Party

And top view of the Skylanders Cake!

Spyro Costume Skylanders party

Red Ted was super happy to get a Spyro Costume too (thank you party delights). He wore it all day! We added Skylander Stickers to the party bags and had Skylander Badges as prizes for the games. Finally the kids all got a Skylander Figure off ebay (they didn?t mind at all that they were not ?new?) and everyone was (Trigger) Happy!

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