Star Wars Treats: Edible Lightsabers

Posted on Dec 27, 2015

Well, I don?t know about you, but Star Wars Mania has hit our house! My kids are only 6 and 8yrs old but already they are Star Wars mad. Star Wars is everywhere and almost inescapable.. so I say: EMBRACE STAR WARS, do not try and hide! :-) If you can?t beat them, join them. Anyway, I digress once again. Today, my lovely friend the SUGARCODER has another FABULOUS DIY How To Treat to share with you and today they are these fantastic edible lightsabers. What I like about them, is that you can use breadsticks for the centre ? avoiding making these too ?sweet? a treat, if that makes sense. So if you are going to see the Star Wars movie and want to take along some Star Wars treats or if you are having a Star Wars party, you HAVE to make some of these edible lightsaber treats for sure!

Star Wars Treats - edible Lightsaber How to. These are just too cute

So.. over to the Sugarcoder and her fabulous Lightsaber Tutorial (be sure to follow her fantastic channel, for lots of fantastic baking ideas):

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