Suicide Squad Trailer: Shot By Shot Breakdown Leak Reveals ?Monsters?

Posted on Dec 28, 2015

Like, literally monsters. Not criminal ones.

Warner Bros.Warner Bros.

According to Heroic Hollywood?s self-appointed excitable ?scooper extraordinaire? Umberto Gonzalez, the first details of the incoming Suicide Squad trailer have been unveiled ahead of a reported release next month.

HH carries a full break down of the trailer, shot by shot ? which they claim is entirely legitimate, and which might propel Warner Bros. into releasing the trailer early. We?ll see about both of those things.

It all just sounds like mood setting ? having all of the bad guys in their cells keeping buff or looking moody, then seeding that Harley and the Joker are unhinged and that Deadshot will emerge as a leader. Nothing really revelatory there.

You can read the full breakdown here, but the biggest things to take away are that the teaser will play against the backdrop of Queen?s Bohemian Rhapsody ? a fitting choice ? and that it will show off Enchantress? monstrous underlings. Which will literally be CGI monsters, because Warner Bros just can?t bloody help themselves can they?

The best bit of the supposed breakdown? This Joker moment:

?Harley blows hair from her face, in that sexy way girls do. Joker is wearing a gold jacket and slaps some guy in the face, and says ?I can?t wait to show you my toys.??

But it?s hard not to feel some trepidation over the mention of monsters. That one at the end of Batman V Superman didn?t exactly do the film?s hype any favours, did it?

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