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Posted on May 20, 2017

The Spanish Grand Prix featured something everyone wants to see but very rarely happens: an on-track pass for the win.

Unsurprisingly it therefore picked up one of the highest ratings of the season so far. An average of 7.85 is the second-best of 2017 to date, and well above the average for this track.

The yawning gap to the rest of the field was a cause for concern among some. And the ease with which Lewis Hamilton breezed past Sebastian Vettel raised questions over whether tweaking the Circuit de Catalunya?s DRS zone had been a wise move.

But most of your responses to the race were largely positive:

Absolutely stunning race, best so far. I had my heart in my mouth when Vettel and Hamilton were side by side. Great season so far. Another good performance for Force India, at this rate they can catch Red Bull.

First-lap incident. Contra-tyre strategies. Modification of strategy due to Virtual Safety Car. Disinformation via team radio and some fairly difficult and robust overtaking, towards the edge of legality (Vettel, looking at you in particular).

Even had grumpy old Massa doing what all older F1 drivers seem to do ? blocking people trying to overtake, especially Hamilton and Vettel. (I was watching the Hamilton-Vettel gap on the F1 app, Massa was most responsible for their gap shrinking and expanding like an accordion.)

Great duel between the two main-rivals for the 2017 world championship with Lewis Hamilton fighting hard to regain first position from Vettel and winning his 55th Grand Prix. This must be much more rewarding for him winning this way! Sebastian Vettel had the best overtake of the race when he past Valtteri Bottas in great and daring style. Let?s hope those two will fight this way all to the end, with the two Red Bulls coming more and more into the mix to make it yet more difficult!
Antoon van Gemert

The grand prix was much better than I expected it would be, beforehand I thought that whichever driver had the best start and was leading after the first lap would easily take the victory, even if another driver behind was quicker in the race I didn?t think they would be able to challenge or get past, I thought it would be a case of follow the leader throughout the field.

The DRS zone was extended before the race began to make it easier for drivers to overtake on the straight. Views on how this affected the race were mixed:

Hamilton clearly was having issues finding a way around Sebastian but alas, the ?train? that DRS creates leaves a driver in front absolutely helpless. If Hamilton had gone around in turn two or three, or out braked Vettel into one that would have been amazing.

In the midfield, Ricciardo was alone, and subsequently nothing exciting really happened save the Sainz/Magnussen battle.

There was a genuine and tactical battle for the front that required pin point timing from Ferrari and Mercedes but ultimately that DRS pass murdered the race.

Please, for the love of god get rid of DRS!
Justin (@Boombazookajd)

I thought the DRS zone extension was a great move, meant people could actually pass on the street.

Really enjoyed the battle for the lead.
Rick Lopez (@Viscountviktor)

We got to see some interesting strategy being played out but we also got robbed of seeing cars fighting wheel to wheel by DRS. Passes aren?t entertaining. I could have happily sat and watched Hamilton battling behind Vettel, sneaking a look, taking some chances and generally racing even if the pass failed. Instead we got this.
Philip (@Philipgb)

This was a great example of the damage DRS does to racing. It was a great race up to that point but ultimately ended in disappointment because of a knee jerk reaction to extend the DRS zone after events in Sochi. We might?ve seen a masterclass in defensive driving from Seb today but instead he had no chance. Jonny Edwards (@Racectrl)

The scale of the advantage enjoyed by the front runners also drew some comment:

Pretty good race for the lead, and it probably looks like it?s going to be Vettel versus Hamilton all season long. When was the last time the whole field was lapped except the podium? Worrying, but at least Ferrari and Mercedes are pretty evenly matched. Alex (@Arobbo)

I doubted the Mercedes strategy, still not sure if they?d have done it without the Virtual Safety Car. Enjoyed the race. Good bit of F1. However lapping everyone up to fourth? Hmm? @pSynrg

Rate the Race: The Twitter verdict

The Spanish Grand Prix also received much praise on Twitter. Here?s a selection of views from race day:

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