Posted on Aug 29, 2016


Well the 31st Olympics is well and truly underway in the colourful Brazilian City of Rio and what an opening ceremony. Over the coming weeks we?re going to be witness to events in sports as diverse as the 400Metres to BMXing and Kayaking to Wrestling. And one legacy we have seen from the London 2012 Olympiad is the popularity of the Paralympics, which are due to commence on 7th September.

One of the many stars who emerged from the London games four years ago was Jonnie Peacock MBE, who not only won the hearts of a nation but Gold in the 100m T44 final, plus set a Paralympic record in the process.

During the Rio Games, his contesting of his title and record will surely be one the hottest ticket of the entire tournament due primarily to the likes of of local boy Alan Oliveira running on home turf and motor mouth and Jonnie?s biggest rival, American Richard Browne, trying to capture the Gold Metal from him.

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to catch up with this inspirational Olympic hero during his shoot for Menswear brand, Jacamo, as their face for Summer 2016. Ohh and remember GOOD LUCK JONNIE, AND BRING HOME GOLD !
What?s your favourite piece of clothing?
Black jeans. They?re my definite go to item and easy to put together with anything.
Who is your style icon?
It has to be David Beckham. He?s had so many different looks over the years but he always look great.

What piece of style advice do you live by?
Keep it simple.

imageFavourite Hotel in the World ?
Maldives, the whole place is incredible, it?s so remote and secluded and amazing to get away and relax.

Who would be your ideal diner guests?
David Beckham because he?s a legend, Boris Johnson because you never know what he?s going to say, Kevin Hart because he?s very quick and will rinse anybody and Donald Trump because every party needs a whipping boy.

If you could give your teenage self-advice, what would it be?
Ha Ha, I was only a teenager 3 years ago so it would be a very recent conversation!! It would probably be something along the lines of commit more to the things you care about, but then again, being a teenager is all about trying different things and winning and losing isn?t it?

imageWhat piece of clothing would you relegate to Room 101?
My deep V vest. Horrific!

If you could have invented anything what would it be?
My running blade, what an amazing bit of kit that is!

Who?s the most famous person?s number in your phone?
Probably Daniel Sturridge. I met him at a Sainsbury?s photoshoot last year and it was great to swap numbers.

Best present you?ve ever received?
One of the petal?s from the London 2012 Olympic cauldron. I was awarded it by Team GB and it means so much to me.


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