The BBCs #GreatBritishTakeOff. This blog is free and always will be.

Posted on May 24, 2016


In light of the BBC announcement that they are removing a lot of their recipes from their website, I will be publishing all of my recipes in full on over the next few days. This includes 220 recipes from both of my books and around 100 more Guardian recipes. There are also recipes from Waitrose Kitchen and Sainsburys, the Daily Mirror, restaurants I have consulted for and others that will go on too.

It?s a big job but an essential one.

I learned to cook on the dole using free recipes online and for the BBC to reduce this vital service is an abomination. (Apologies to all of my friends who work there, but I just don?t understand this.) I hope I can go some way to filling the gap left for free, instructional, simple recipe resources and cookery guidance, which is vital for so many people.

I was always advised by my publishers not to give too much away, and I always defied them. Despite over half of my first book being available online, it was a bestseller. Because those that can buy cookbooks, generally do.

I consider my work to be a service first and foremost and most of you don?t know that most of my work is completely unpaid. I do what I do because I know it has value ? and that value is strewn across my walls in hundreds of thankyou letters and cards from people who have learned to cook, reduced their bills, managed to knock something up from the cupboard when their benefits were suspended.

I would rather be bankrupt than a mercenary asshole, I will never forget where I came from, and this blog is free and always will be.


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