The Best of British & Irish Design – YMC x Padmore & Barnes

Posted on Oct 9, 2016

imageHold on one cotton picking second there, Clothes-Make-the-Man, don?t be trying to pull the wool over our eyes, those shoes look remarkably like Clarks Wallabees. Well you?d be right dear reader, would I ever try and deceive you ? Or in the words of 90?s one hit wonders, Messers Charles and Eddie, ?Would I lie to you Baby, would I lie to you, Ohhh yeah!?

Yes eagle eyed readers, these are infact Padmore & Barnes shoes, who up until 1987 were under the ownership of C&J Clarks and played a huge role from their Kilkenny factory in the global success of the Wallabees.

imageThese specific range are a collaboration with the wonderful British Design duo of Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, who back in 1995, borrowed industrial designer Raymond Loewy?s slogan, ?You must create?, in order to name their nascent clothing company. YMC, as the company swiftly came to be known, took initial inspiration from work wear, the football terraces of the early 80s, the tradition of outward bound attire and American and British military wear. From the uniforms and sportswear they borrowed precision and crisp functionality and from punk they took a dark humour and well aimed iconoclasm.

This season the two brands have come together to create an exclusive capsule collection of classic footwear. Comprising of six iconic styles the collaboration perfectly compliments YMC?s distinctly British design ethos. YMC?s relationship with Padmore & Barnes goes right back to the brands inception in 1995. 20 years later, as part of their anniversary celebrations, the two brands have come together to revisit this unique partnership.

The hero style is undoubtedly the ?Original? Padmore & Barnes shoe and boot, an exclusive women?s style that has been out of production for 15 years. Available in black, burnt orange or oxblood each style comes in a classic suede finish. The ?Natalie? is another style which YMC have brought out of the archives; available exclusively for men. The Natalie is produced in conjunction with cult menswear retailer Oi Polloi and is available in black or dark brown colourways. The ?One Piece? is offered in classic laced design or as a monk strap, each version crafted from a single leather upper.


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