The Big Bang Theory: 10 Problems It Faces Moving Forward

Posted on May 21, 2017

Well, that’s the end of The Big Bang Theory for… just under four months. Wow, the US really cranks these things out fast.

Season 10 ended on a high note, with the return of Season 1 character Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome), and Sheldon finally proposing to Amy two years after he originally planned to. But the question is: what happens now? And for all the Sheldon’s out there, yes we know answer to that is “Amy will either say yes or no”.

The Big Bang Theory remains a popular if polarising comedy (much like the recently cancelled 2 Broke Girls), but after ten years, 231 episodes, and with at least another 48 on the horizon; serious cracks are starting to show, and there will be some obstacles to overcome. But that’s to be expected. A live-action sitcom rarely goes on for this long and it tends to be a much more limiting format than drama.

As well as ridiculous amounts of money, prolonged success brings problems. And charging headfirst into its eleventh season, The Big Bang Theory should tread carefully in these almost completely uncharted waters. While you try to work out that horribly mixed metaphor that would make Sheldon’s head explode, these are some of the problems that the show faces in its tenth year…

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