The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things That Must Happen Before It Ends

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Nobel prizes, sex and daddy issues.

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Despite TV?s most watched comedy getting three new seasons commissioned after Season 7, it?s rumoured that Season 10 will be the finale for TV?s favourite geek squad. The producers aren?t quite sure yet, but have said they are preparing the show to end then until ?told otherwise?.

Steve Molaro, executive producer for the show, has said that ending the show after Season 10 has been the plan all along, and that he?s comfortable if the decision is to end the show at that point:

?I would be OK, as long as we do it right. My concern is that we do it right and we end this show in a way that is as befitting of these characters that we respect and love. As long as we can have the opportunity to end it in a way that serves them all properly, that?s my concern ? more than the number of seasons.?

That sounds like the right approach, but there are still a lot of things to explore. The characters have all come a long way since the beginning of the show: Penny?s overcome her inability to look after herself financially and has proved to have her own worthy sense of intelligence, Raj has learned to get over his fear of women and has even landed himself a girlfriend, and even Sheldon has managed to fall in love like an actual human being.

But these are all just steps on a journey that is far from complete, and it feels like so much more needs to happen to the characters before the audience will feel ready to let them go. Hopefully, one of the show-makers is paying attention to what the fans want?

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