The Discarded Image: Star Wars and The Battle of Yavin

Posted on Dec 17, 2015

star wars han luke

In the final episode of The Discarded Image Julian Palmer looks at the climatic sequence from George Lucas? Star Wars.

Will Brooker said, ?The one element that Star Wars genuinely introduces to Lucas?s work, and that his previous films, from shorts to features, all lack, is a direct, linear and conventional storyline, created through the condensation of several earlier adventure stories into a powerful narrative structure: the simple fable of a young man leaving his home, finding his destiny, assembling a team and taking up the fight against an enemy. Its explicit aim was to provide a modern fairy story for a generation that had grown up without them.?

The Discarded Image: Episode 5 ? Star Wars (Lucas, 1977) from Julian Palmer on Vimeo.

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