The Flash Season 2: 8 Crazy Theories About Zoom

Posted on Mar 30, 2016

Could he be another stranded time traveller?

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For a show that?s taken us through time and travelled to alternate dimensions, it doesn?t seem like anything is impossible on The Flash. That goes a long way to explaining why the central mystery of this season has garnered such an eclectic array of potential solutions.

Even with the unmasking of Zoom, the question of his identity is still up in the air. That reveal gave him some new depth, but there?s still a ton of questions to be answered. Just like last year, there?s more to know than simply who the villain is under a mask. Reverse-Flash?s story was coloured with time travel and face-swapping so we should expect to face similar revelations in the season?s closing weeks.

There are important clues of course, like Hunter Zolomon, the lack of a Jay Garrick on Earth-1 and the man in the iron mask. Most of our Earth-2 information has come from an untrustworthy source, so the motivations and machinations of Jay Garrick remain unclear as ever.

Now, finally ready for some answers that they?ve been tiptoeing around for the last few episodes, the show makes us wait three more weeks to get them. Until that time, we?re left to speculate upon what all of the clues mean concerning Zoom, his motivations, and his ultimate identity.

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