The Walking Dead: 10 Best Deaths So Far

Posted on May 24, 2017

Anyone who has ever watched The Walking Dead knows that death occurs as often as dialogue between the characters.

Loved characters get decapitated, eaten by zombies, or murdered by friends and enemies. The gory violent deaths are one of the most entertaining parts of the show and the writers have always done a great job of building up characters and emotional connections before bringing it all crumbling down with their sudden deaths.

After the events of Season 7 we’re now headed towards the major conflict from the comics known as All Out War, so it’s unlikely The Walking Dead is going to slow down anytime soon, or change its approach to violence and death.

The deaths shown on the show so far evoke all kinds of emotions. We?ve felt sad because characters we loved were killed, we?ve felt angry because characters we hate have killed people that were pretty cool, shock because some deaths were downright crazy graphic, and immense satisfaction when annoying characters we all hated finally met their match.

Be it by a human?s hand or a zombies mouth, here are the top deaths shown in The Walking Dead so far, which made fans worldwide tremble with emotion in front of their screens.

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