The Walking Dead Season 7: 9 Reasons Glenn Must Be Killed By Negan

Posted on Jul 20, 2016

Batter up… The Walking Dead is creeping closer, with some enticing details and new hints being dropped all the time.

Nerves were well and truly shredded at the end of Season 6, and while the cliffhanger appears to have backfired massively given the fan reaction to the finale, it does ensure a face-melting start to the next run.

But who’s it going to be? Who will ‘take it like a champ’ and suffer at the merciless hands of Negan? There are a great deal of options, but only one nailed on choice: Glenn.

It would be a significant move for the show to eliminate one of its finest characters, but it may be necessary in order to justify the hype since the POV execution cut to black. And that’s not the only reason Glenn should be the man to meet Lucille in the Season 7 premiere…

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