To good too be true, almost ? Orlebar Brown team up with The Blue Marine Foundation

Posted on Jul 8, 2016

imageIn this line of work it?s all to easy to become syndical to stories that sound to good too be true, because 9 out of 10 times, that?s exactly what they are. But, on this occasion all the fact are true to make one great story of a bargain !

From today you can trade in your old baggies, board shorts, trunks, budgie smugglers for a pair of Orlebar Brown Classic Swim Shorts for only £50. Yes, the very same as the ones worn by 007 himself !

imageThey have 2000 pairs available for customers to Trade Up on a first-come-first-served basis. Customers can bring in their old shorts from any brand, yes any brand, to any of their seven Orlebar Brown stores in London, at this special discounted rate of £50, with £25 going directly to charity.

The charity in question is the Blue Marine Foundation, a specialist NGO with a mission to solve the overfishing crisis through innovative solutions and enable marine conservation. Orlebar Brown launched in 2007 in London as ?the tailored approach to swim shorts?. Based on the traditional pattern of a tailored pair of trousers for men, with distinctive side fasteners, proving they are not just a swim short.

imageSo let?s just go over this again, With a choice of 27 different styles, £25 from each sale will be donated directly to the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity who protect our oceans from overfishing and pollution so that we can all enjoy the beauty of them for generations to come. Plus, this offer is also part of the brand?s 5 Year Guarantee, which therefore means that you can trade them in now and if a clasp breaks or a stitch comes loose, you can get them repaired or replaced. See what I mean !?!

?The sea, coastlines, holidays and travel are all words synonymous with Orlebar Brown and as a result Blue Marine Foundation is a charity that is very close to our hearts. Dedicated to creating marine reserves, establishing sustainable models of fishing and thus preserving our oceans ? their work is something we are delighted to support. Our ?Trade Up to OB? initiative gives everyone the chance to try our OB Classic Swim Shorts for only £50 ? of which £25 will go directly to the BMF. Get involved and help us turn the tide.?

? Adam Brown, Orlebar Brown Founder


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