Top gift ideas for the Lady in your life, you can?t afford to forgot ? Mother?s Day Gift guide

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Please, please, please don?t make the same mistake as I?ve done, for some reason, even though I?m bombarded with TV Ad?s, Billiboards and I internet campaigns. The fact that it?s Mother?s Day THIS COMING SUNDAY, seems to have eluded me, for some unknown reason, I think I just can?t believe we are already half way through March !!!!!

Thank Gawd for Mrs Mc, who came home over the weekend to a panicked yours truly, only to be reassured, ?I?ve bought the card and the presents are ordered. Have you sorted out the gift guide for the blog?? 

So here we go guys, we never let you down, honest, this year?s undisputable best Mother?s Day gift guide known to man in 2015.


For the new Mum, with great Product names like Grumpy Cow and Knackered Cow, if your partner is celebrating Mother?s Day for the first time or generally Cowshed products are a must. Plus if your feeling partic flash how about a little trip to one of their spas ?


For the Country Mum, she doesn?t have to be Audrey Forbes-Hamilton to enjoy a bit of outdoors chic and it doesn?t get much better than this great Barbour X Liberty get up.


For the Foodie Mum, the name of this website is the mantra for this year?s Gift Guide, offers loads of original and well thougt through presents. So if Mum is a bit of a Gastro delight in the kitchen, give her a night off with this brill hamper which includes COOK vouchers and if you don?t know what COOK is you need to check it out.

imageFor the Mum, who just loves presents, this is a great gift idea, Elizabeth Arden are offering a limited edition Preen tote bag with any two products purchased from their counters in department stores Nationwide.


For the Travelling Mother, no I don?t mean in a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding kinda way. I mean the kinda girl that enjoys the cultural experience travel can offer. This LUXE Travel companion set, available from offers guides to some of the world?s best shopping destinations.


For the traditional Mother, how?s about some of your finest bone China ? Ted Baker and Portmeirion have come together to produce the Rosie Lee collection. This puts the fine into dining and uses Ted?s signiture prints and is gilded in 22carat Gold.

imageFor the note making Mother, well if there isn?t something some Mum?s love doing, it?s leaving notes, lil scribbles like, ?You?re dinner?s in the bin.? ?You treat this place like a Hotel.? And my personal favourite, ?Can you not use a telephone anymore?? Just so you know your Mammy still loves you, make sure she can leave you those keepsake notes with a nice Parker pen that shows off her handwriting skills to there best.

image For the Designer loving Momma, the Blossom Tote by Mulberry in Oak is finished in their signature Natural Leather, a beautifully soft and tactile leather that ages to become unique to its owner. A subtle embossed Mulberry tree is the only decoration this bag needs, well that and the smile on your mum?s face each and every time she uses it.

imageFor the Stylish Momma, the Breton stripe sweater is an enduring fashion classic, and is a fine example from Jaeger. This comfortable and chic piece is crafted from the purest cashmere to a fitted, crew neck shape.


For the Momma who is far away, we can?t always get to be with our Mum?s on Mother?s Day but this individual and specially Personalised ?Home is Where Mum is? Map by is centred on your chosen postcode and is a brilliant way to create make a thoughtful, individual gift for your beloved mother this Mothers Day.

imageFor the Tea loving Mammy, who does love a good cuppa and no better tea maker then your Mum. give your gifts a much much more individuality and that you?ve thought about your gift. This bone china tea set cleverly combines a teapot, teacup and saucer into one convenient set, or Personalise her own biscuit tin providing everything she?ll need for a really good cuppa!

imageFor the Candle loving Mammy, you just can?t go wrong with this Betty Jackson Black Large purple agapanthus scented candle from Debenhams.

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