Tree top adventures: ?I wanna be like you-ou-ou!?

Posted on Sep 1, 2015

Go Ape Leeds Castle

Want to really show the kids a good time this summer, or even autumn for that matter? Well book them in to a Tree Top Junior session like I did.

I organised the twins 7th birthday this year at Go Ape, a group of pretty little princesses who are so fixed on Frozen and tiaras it made me want to shake things up a bit and offer them something new to think of, how about Power Girl, or ?I can do that? girl? Elsa would be proud of me.

The Tree Top Junior trail is for children of six upwards and over a meter in height, all details can be found on their website. It can be a little daunting for the children at first, in fact our group wasn?t without tears ? big ones too, but with a little gentle coaxing from one of the instructors our initially unhappy little girl made it all the way round three times and then asked her mum if she too could have her next birthday party there.

A lot of consideration for the young climbers has been put in place at each park (they are all over the country) and it starts with safety chats before they are even harnessed. Then there is a short practise run to make sure the kids have got hold of how to hold their trolleys and move around the cables before they set off up the stairs that take them into the tree tops.

Parents be prepared to have your heart in your throat as you watch from below, also be prepared to have to pay to join your child in the trees if they are a bit shaky, or have someone who can help them out if tree tops aren?t for you.

I had a go myself last autumn with the twins on their first Go Ape experience and I loved it. I am so glad I went up with them as one of the twins was very scared, she was shaking and wouldn?t put one foot forward but with me beside her holding her hand and coaxing her gently she made it happily all the way around.

The great thing is, once completed the first circuit of the trail you get to repeat it, this is where my scared twin came into herself and didn?t need me anymore, by the time she started her 3rd round I was more of a hindrance to her. 

This was also the case with our most frightened party guest who really was determined not to go up at first and now is their biggest fan.

I think the best thing to come out of this day trip is the confidence the children gain in themselves. The buzz they felt on completion was palpable and the parents were all so proud of their little ones being so adventurous too; I think that day the kids surprised them.

Do be prepared before you go and read my post linked above for some top tips to make your day trip very special indeed, the kids?ll be talking it right through to Christmas.

*Claps hand over mouth* I just mentioned the C word.

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