Tried and Trusted from Generation to generation ? NIVEA MEN CREME

Posted on Apr 11, 2015

imageOur first memories of grooming and beauty products are, I?m pretty sure, of our parents using them. Whether it be your Father, splashing on after shave, in my case Old Spice, or your Mum applying a moisturiser, or night cream, before she turned in for the night, once again in my case and I?m sure im not on my own here, using Nivea. Its iconic packaging in royal blue and white made it unmistakable with that unique and delicate scent, the sort of thing memories are made of. Now, I?m certain my childhood home wasn?t the only one where my Dad would sneakily pinch a dap of my Mum Nivea to end his, virtually nonexistent, grooming ritual.

Let?s face it most men?s grooming regime starts and finishes with a quick shower and a shave. But after a day of braving the elements on the daily urban commute, which can include the riggers of holding your own in that important meeting or presenting to that awkward client, sometimes your skin just needs some extra help.

Many men will reach for any old product they can get their hands on. In fact a recent study, conducted for Beiersdorf, found that some 36% of men surveyed simply just used the moisturiser of their female partner.

So even if you like your partner?s moisturiser, for whatever reason, there are no excuses any more as you can turn to the new Nivea Men Creme. A no nonsense, all purpose moisturising cream, made especially for male skin and is suitable for face, body and hands, combatting dry skin everywhere with just one tin.

The light non-greasy formula absorbs super fast and leaves nothing behind but well moisturised and healthy looking skin, making it ideal for the man who wants to look after his skin, but likes to keep his grooming regime SIMPLE.

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