Ubud seems a long way from Camden ? Lyme Terrace

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

imageWhen you?re bombarded on a daily basis by PR?s, brands and shysters trying to sell you their wares, it is hard to break through the barriers we put up. However, one such brand that did & I?m glad they did so are Lyme Terrace, named after the road they?re based in. A brand with a great back story, but equally with a product to back them up with.

Their business model, is centred around charity, full traceability and third party certification can be successful in todays market. They want to make fine-casual clothing with integrity, personality and longevity. All based around a coo on goal of, to create sustainable mens fine-casual wear; merging ethics and aesthetics.

Lyme Terrace are working on a long term initiative to have all their products British Made, but they their concept was born in a far more topical destination. Their inspiration came from the Balinese people themselves, whose love for life never compromises the beauty around them.

However they have chosen not to produce in the Far-East as a statement against ?fast-fashion? producing cheap clothing with little regard for the people a few steps back in the process; as long as prices are cheap and profits are high.

imageThey strive to take the utmost care and accuracy in producing products, with supported stitching that is designed to last, making our threads a staple of your wardrobe for years to come.

They have paired the island?s long-standing relationship with bamboo ? one of the most sustainable and versatile materials on the planet with a small amount of organic cotton, to create our soft & natural bamboo blends.

They chose Bamboo-Rayon for their tops for its? truly unparalleled softness, if you think of it like Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool. You have to genuinely feel it to believe it. Bamboo?s moisture wicking properties and its? organic nature, makes it perfect for people who suffer from eczema, dermatitis or sensitive skin.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to visit Bali will know of its ancient culture and breathtaking landscapes, however, Bali?s remote rural communities have been forced into a poverty trap by man-made and natural disasters. This massive disparity is something Lyme Terrace see daily in their, new found, home from home and is something they are looking to improve.

Lyme Terrace promise it will never forget about its? Balinese heritage and actively promotes and donates to charitable projects around the island. As the company grows so will their charitable function.

Currently they are partnered with Bali Children Foundation who provide educational pathways for disadvantaged Balinese children ? a journey leading to growth and long-term sustainability.

Ohhh and go for the extra packaging, it least once, you won?t regret it.image

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