UKIP chaos as new immigration policy falls apart within hours

Posted on Mar 7, 2015

With Nigel Farage launching the party?s election immigration platform earlier today, former Conservative party MEP Roger Helmer claimed it was ?the best political press event I?ve ever seen?:

But it didn?t take long for cracks to appear. Last week UKIP?s immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe claimed the party had a net migration cap of 50,000 ? only for Nigel Farage to suggest today that the party was now abandoning such targets.

Perhaps it may have been possible for this to be charitably dismissed as a ?shift in emphasis? ? until Woolfe contradicted his party leader again, telling the Jeremy Vine show that people with life threatening illnesses would not be denied entry to the UK:

?If someone came to our borders and they?re at border control and they announce they?ve got a cancer or a tumour we?re not going to turn them away. What kind of nation would do that?

Not as bad as Nathalie Bennett ? but they?re getting there.

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