UKIP official who mocked Stephen Lawrence selected as candidate

Posted on Feb 8, 2015

Stephen Lawrence

A UKIP official who mocked murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence as ?Saint Stephen? and claimed his mother, campaigner Doreen Lawrence, was ?boring us all to tears? has been selected as a candidate.

Pamela Preedy was the secretary of UKIP?s Redcar branch when she was exposed for a series of vile remarks about Lawrence, whose killing led to profound cultural changes in attitudes to racism. At the time, a party spokesman told the press:

?Where elected representatives or party figures make comments bringing the party into disrepute, we act accordingly.

Apparently, ?accordingly? means making her a candidate for elected office. This leaflet is currently hitting doormats in Redcar:

UKIP Redcar leaflet Pam Creedy

Preedy ranted:

?I?m sure his mother still grieves for him, but it?s time she did it privately without setting him up as some kind of media icon. She risks ? boring us all to tears.

?The image of Stephen Lawrence has been promoted to sainthood, with his own memorial site, constant invocation of his name in any discussion of racism?

She claimed that David Cameron is ?worshipping at the shrine of Saint Stephen? and complained:

?we are supposed to publicly mark the anniversaries of his death ? Please give it a rest!

Dozens of ?Kipper activists and candidates were exposed as bigots during the party?s rise. Scrapbook dreads to think how many of them are still standing in May 2015.

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