Vodka for breakfast (When recycling goes wrong)

Posted on Nov 11, 2015


When recycling goes wrong at 10am, a conversation with my five year old this morning?

?Mama what?s VOD-KA??
?It?s a special drink for grownups.?
?Like wine??
?Why are you having VOD-KA for breakfast??
?I?m not.?
?You are.?
?I?m not. I made a smoothie and poured it in here so I could take it out with us because Mama keeps all her bottles to use again?? (gestures to place where bottles usually are to find it empty. Shit.)
?With VOD-KA?
?Yes. VOD-KA.?
?NO. I?ll tell you what? I?ll pour it into a different bottle before we leave the house??

I await the conversation with his school teacher about how Mama has vodka for breakfast.

And the smoothie recipe is to follow ? I just thought this might make you laugh!


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