Washbag Wishlist ? Clinique Post Shave Soother

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

Today we launch a new category to our Grooming section, that being our Washbag Wishlist, this will be where we ask leading figures in the grooming industry what is their must have, essential, can?t live without product. Yes, if stranded on a Desert island what one product would be on your Wishlist.

So to get the ball rolling we are starting with yours truly, yes who better, I hear you cry, or not as the case may be. I have to be honest, restricting me to selecting one product is sooooooo difficult and bordering on impossible but the product I have selected for today?s post, should be in every man?s bathroom cabinet. So the product in question, as you may have already guessed by the title of the post is, Clinique for Men?s Post-Shave Soother.

imageNow this is a product, I have been using for more years than I care to remember, to the point that I can?t even remember how I came across this Miracle product, but it was certainly before my Fashion years. I call it a miracle product and I don?t use that term lightly, but Miracle it very much is. The reason being, five years ago I was asked by a grooming company, who?s name shall remain secret, to protect the innocent,  if I?d like to experience a traditional wet shave. Now, having never had a wet shave, I thought sod it, I should do this. So off I went for this EXPERIENCE.

OK, so the traditional delights of a wet shave and sure enough it was a very close shave, but maybe in more ways than one. Because as I left the establishment, my face started to itch, to the point that by the time I have arrived home the beard line of my aforementioned face and neck was a mass of aggravated hives. So much so the long suffering Mrs Mc asked, ?What did he use to shave you, a broken glass bottle ?? The only thing that managed to calm my skin down and return to its natural Celtic pale tone, was Clinique?s Post Shave Soother, with an almost immediate effect.

So what exactly is Clinque?s Post Shave Soother and what does it do. Well, it relieves shaving irritation, leaving behind nothing more than a soothing, cool, tingly feeling and improved skin texture. Aloe is an active ingredient in it to soothe razor burn, relieve dryness, the appearance of redness and helps skin repair minor nicks and cuts. It?s nothing short of a breakthrough post-shave formula containing a combination of licorice and plant extracts that leave facial hair looking finer and softer. With continued use, shaving will be quicker and more comfortable as razor burn caused by daily friction is reduced. Additional ingredients provide exfoliation and anti-irritating benefits virtually eliminating bumps and ingrown hairs, as well as helping to encourage the healing of minor nicks and cuts. Plus it?s appropriate for all skin types.

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