Wooden Spoon Bunny

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Ah yes, we love nice and simple and we love cute.. here is a cute little Easter Bunny Craft that I made many moons ago for The Guardian (ha, I think you can tell that by the photo.. I would take that picture so differently these days.. but I digress? this is a great little Easter Craft that is wonderful to make with your child or for your child and makes for a wonderful little Bunny Puppet for story telling or play time? right.. here we go ? our little Easter Bunny Wooden Spoon:

easter-arts-and-crafts-for-children bunny spoonI really like this bunny, as it is a great one for all age groups ? even the littlest amongst us. My three-year-old son loves painting and sticking things, but isn?t so good at drawing or painting details. You get to paint a little and stick lots!

Easter Bunny Wooden Spoon ? Materials

  • A wooden spoon,
  • brown or white paint,
  • corresponding card or funky foam, pink card or funky foam, (or felt or card)
  • scrap ribbon,
  • googly eyes (optional, you can draw these on too),
  • pen,
  • scissors & glue.

How to Make your Easter Bunny Wooden Spoon

1. Paint the wooden spoon white or brown (in fact, there is nothing stopping you from making blue or red bunnies ? your choice). Let dry. It is handy if you don?t paint the whole of the spoon handle, as you can then prop it up in a cup to let it dry.

2. Cut out white ears and pink part of the ear, as well as a nose.

3. Glue on ears, eyes and nose.

4. Add detail ? mouth and freckles or whiskers.

5. Tie on ribbon around the neck.

Hooray, your little Wooden Spoon puppet is finished. Now either make lots and lots of these, or just go off and put on a bunny puppet show. I think these little bunnies would make a great little Easter Gift Too! Wonderful for younger children and a great to avoid all that chocolate!

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