Working Mums Round-up: Organising your working week

Posted on May 1, 2017

Working Mum Round-up

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A warm welcome back to my working mums round-up and a big thank you to all of you who took the time to read the March round-up. If you missed it, then you can catch up here.

How was your month since we last spoke? Can you believe that we are actually almost at the end of April already?! I know I can?t. 

The whole month seems to have passed by in a blur of work ? school ? tantrums and Easter holidays. 

That?s the thing about being a mother, especially a working mother ? there are just not enough hours in the day for all the things you feel you should be achieving.

Keeping little people alive, catering to numerous fussy palates, whipping round with the hoover, staying on top of the laundry pile, seeing that homework is done, cuddles, cajoling and playing peace maker.  And that?s before you?ve even thought about working, building your own career up, washing your hair and possibly, just maybe making some space for your other half if you have one. It?s exhausting isn?t it?

Of course, being a working mother is full of rewards as well as being generally just fraught at times. It?s just that it can feel incredibly difficult spinning all of those plates in the air can?t it? This month I really related to that feeling and I nodded along, reading this post from Biscuit Please Mummy on the struggles she faced when she returned to work, second time round. I think burnout is something a lot of us feel or touch on and although our choices may differ at the end of the day, sharing our experiences in this way can really help other mums to feel less alone. 

If you are feeling the strain and it?s all getting a little too much, I?ve written a quick post on coping when it all gets too much. We all have those days / weeks after all! 

The balance between work life, home life and sanity is often an elusive one but there are most definitely systems you can put in place to ease the burden and make sure life, laundry and love ticks along as it should. These clever life hacks from Mouse Moo and Me Too ? a working mum who knows how real the struggle is, are sure to help you if you are struggling to keep your head above water. At the very least, her candour and wit will have you smiling.

So what about you? Where does your ?me time? come in? For myself and many other working mums I know, this me time translates to our time on our blogs. Whilst yes, it is time for ourselves and a much needed creative outlet, it is often also a source of income and therefore a second job on top of parenting and our day jobs. Think we might be a bit bonkers? Well you could be right but this fab post from Nicola Says shows just how she fits in being a Mum, working a day job and running a successful blog. 

The fourth post in my round-up this month comes from a Mum who knows just what hard work blogging can really be. Nadine who blogs at Juggle Mum has written this inspirational post about how she has made a career off the back of her lifestyle blog, determination and her own hard work. It just goes to show that if your 9-5 grind really is getting the better of you then there are far more flexible alternatives out there. You just have to be willing to put the hard work in.

And finally one from the ever lovely Kelly who blogs at Bringing up Georgia ? she has written this brilliant post about how to be more organised during office hours which you can read here. I loved this and found it really helpful so hopefully you will too.

That?s it for another month. As ever if you would like to write a post to be considered for submission for my next round-up then please drop me a line on Twitter or via email to [email protected] 

Until then, I hope you have a lovely month.

Take care.

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