WWE 2K17: 10 Improvements It Needs

Posted on Dec 28, 2015

Here?s hoping the progression shown with 2K16 continues next year!


Even though WWE 2K16 has only been in our lives for a couple of short months, the development phases for WWE 2K17 will already be well under way. And even though we?ve heard absolutely nothing about next year?s game, we?re sure to be in for a treat and what could be the greatest wrestling game of all time if the progression shown with this year?s title continues.

The current gen versions of 2K?s marquee wrestling game started with 2K15 ? a game that ultimately failed to live up to any of our expectations. Looking back on 2K15, it was almost as if it was a beta version to 2K16, and if that trend continues into next year, most of us won?t have any sort of social lives when 2K17 hits the shelves next Autumn.

2K made the bold move of putting all of their eggs into the proverbial realism basket with 2K16, meaning the action we see from our consoles is the closest its been to the action in the real-life ring. For me, this makes the game is as close to a perfect fusion of performance and showmanship that has ever been seen from a wrestling game. Although it has to be said, there are still a few rough edges that need dealing with.

Here?s hoping that 2K16 serves as some sort of beta version to 2K17, and the marked progression of 2K?s wrestling games continues?

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