WWE Poll: Who Should Face The Undertaker At WrestleMania 32?

Posted on Feb 14, 2016

Cena?s out, Strowman?s out? who?s left?

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Plans always change in WWE, but the construction of this year?s WrestleMania has thus far been a cavalcade of aborted and rearranged ideas ? and that?s no more evident than in the path The Undertaker?s scheduled bout has taken. News broke last year that Wyatt Family giant Braun Strowman was being groomed for the position, but WWE higher-ups thought better of it and decided to go with a John Cena-Undertaker dream match. Once Cena suffered a shoulder injury, Strowman was again a potential opponent for the Phenom, but that idea has reportedly been shelved again.

Even though John Cena is known for his quick recoveries, he doesn?t seem likely to make this year?s WrestleMania ? meaning that there?s nobody on the docket for Undertaker to face. WWE is currently suffering the consequences of not having built up talent over the past twelve months, as even the field of candidates is slim. Still, Undertaker?s match is a major drawing point at WrestleMania, so it?s likely he?ll end up on the card ? but whom should he face?

Kevin Owens has been an entertaining heel since debuting on the main roster last spring, but he lost steam after losing his feud with John Cena. He?s reportedly offered his services for The Undertaker match, but decision-makers are not seriously considering him.

Dean Ambrose is currently the Intercontinental Champion and one of the company?s most popular wrestlers, and many suspect that a heel turn is in his immediate future. Though Ambrose has also floundered in main events, he?s got the personality to hold up his end of a program with Undertaker.

Both NXT Champion Finn Balor and new WWE arrival AJ Styles are largely unproven commodities in the company, but as both are world-class workers, a match with The Undertaker could be a show-stealer. The same can be said for a Chris Jericho bout ? plus the two have never met in a singles Pay-Per-View contest.

Sheamus won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Survivor Series, and though his title reign didn?t last long, he?s still leader of heel stable The League of Nations. With Rusev, Alberto Del Rio, and Bad News Barrett by his side, Sheamus could pose a believable threat to the Phenom.

Finally, Brock Lesnar?s feud with The Undertaker was seemingly put to bed at Hell in a Cell, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Though Lesnar?s been earmarked for a feud with The Wyatt Family, he can be shifted into a WrestleMania XXX rematch in order to give this year?s show some marquee value.

Should any of these men wrestle The Undertaker? Should someone else? Or should the Phenom take this year off and wait until WrestleMania 33 for the Cena match?

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